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Level 3 Inspection Announces Exponential Business Growth and Unveils New Web Site
Published Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"These are exciting times for us, with our rapid revenue growth, which contributed to our Florida 2014 Company to Watch Award, and our tremendous technology and throughput capacity advances," beamed CEO Bill Greene. "And our clientele are very pleased with the value proposition we're providing for them, especially the exceptionally fast inspection project turnaround times, which they need to keep their customers happy."

The company is leveraging its vast experience from having performed nearly 4,000 complex layout inspections of the most complex precision parts ever made, including jet engine parts and orthopedic implants. Their favorite projects are problem solving where challenging precision parts requirements are difficult to manufacture quickly with traditional measurement methods. With their ISO-17025 Accreditation recently renewed to a proven proficiency test and dimensional accuracy of 2 microns, the specialized professional services company is leading the manufacturing industry into a substantial growth curve facing ever-tighter part tolerances and ever-faster production requirements.

In addition to accurate and comprehensive dimensional quality inspection, fast and proficient results deliveries, and a growing dedicated team of CAI master practitioners, Level 3 Inspection is right in the middle of an unprecedented demand for higher production of jet engine parts to meet the airline industry demands. Plus, these jet engines require 10%-15% better fuel efficiency to meet the industry commitments, requiring better quality and tighter tolerances for critical dimensions, which L3I is perfectly prepared to help their customers achieve, better and faster than any other resource.

"We are delivering on our unique Value Promise of helping our clients make (and buy) better precision parts, much faster, at lower cost, and with greater confidence. Using our proprietary CAI processes and by cutting iterations and scrap, we are saving our clients months, and often, millions," Greene stated. "Fast accurate dimensional inspection results is what our client companies need and that's what we're delivering, so there's a great match of objectives with our clientele, leading to lots of repeat projects and ongoing technology business partnerships."

Level 3 Inspection will continue expanding its operations through 2015 with revenues generated from ever growing jet engine parts Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) services work, and expanding automated CAI systems sales into the medical device and other precision manufacturing industries. L3I has been working closely with the biomedical industry since 2012 to improve orthopedic implants and custom surgical cutting guides production utilizing their patent-pending fully automated inspection technology, the Smart Inspection Station™. This highly productive CAI system is also now being utilized for production dimensional quality inspection for some of the largest original equipment manufacturers in the U.S. to scan and inspect parts for the precision manufacturing industries.

About Level 3 Inspection:
Level 3 Inspection has been providing the world's most advanced dimensional quality inspection services and systems since early 2008. The company uses proprietary process for Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) from High Accuracy 3D Scanning for rapidly optimizing their clients' precision manufactured products and tooling.  L3I delivers the most illustrative and thorough dimensional quality inspection services and results for precision Original Equipment Manufacturers and their supply chain throughout the U.S.A.Having a depth of background in the aerospace industry gives their staff an unrivaled understanding of the requirements and challenges of producing and inspecting gas turbine engine components, as well as other complex precision manufactured products across a wide range of industries. For further information, see their recently updated web site: or contact Bill Greene by phone at 888-427-9102.


SOURCE Level 3 Inspection


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