Targeted Sectors


Since the early 1920's Martin County has been a hub for the design and manufacturing of aviation products. Today, companies like Vought Aircraft Inc and TurboCombustor Technologies continue that long tradition and take advantage of a well educated, highly technical workforce. Innovative Martin County companies design and manufacture a diverse array of products for the aviation industry. From telecommunication components to aircraft parts manufacturing and flight training, Martin County's aviation cluster is strong and growing.


Agriculture is a major contributor in Martin County, with over 40,000 acres of citrus, and ranked in the top ten in the state for citrus and vegetable production.  Sugar cane, ornamentals and cattle production, combined with an egg farm producing over 10 million dozen eggs per year, a flour milling facility, juice concentrate plant and cabbage farm round out the agriculture segment.  Opportunities for innovation in agriculture may provide new chances for growth.  Some of these opportunities are variations of traditional product lines, such as the increasing market for specialty and locally produced foods and beverages for nich markets. Others are at the cutting edge of biotechnology as in biofuels and bioplastics.  Click here to read the 2015 Fresh From Florida International Report.


One of only two school districts in Florida to have all “A”-rated schools in 2007, Martin County offers numerous opportunities to receive an outstanding education. Martin County High School and South Fork High School were also named by Newsweek Magazine as being among the top five percent of public high schools in the country. Martin County is home to one of only two school districts in the state to have all “A” rated schools in 2007. Martin County is a central location for the Treasure Coast and the North Palm Beach area, providing educational institutions and private sector providers access to millions of potential users within a short distance.


Martin County is home to the 2008 Governor's Green to Gold Award for innovative green technologies, Ecosphere Technologies Inc. Recognized nationwide for its environmental and conservation policies, Martin County is becoming a magnet for environmentally friendly and green technology oriented companies. Martin County leaders understand that the many environmental challenges we face today as a nation, also bring opportunities for orderly economic expansion.


A labor pool of over eight hundred and fifty thousand people in a 30 mile radius, access to international airports, one of the top school districts in the state and a superb quality of life ensure headquarter operations are able to attract key employees for professional, managerial and administrative positions. Martin County also has first class office space in superb locations to give your company the look and presence you want. Click Here


Martin County is the epicenter of the fastest growing life science cluster in Florida. The Torrey Pines Molecular Research Institute, the Vaccine and Gene Theraphy Institute (VGTI), the Max Planck Society, the Mann Research Center, and the Florida Scripps Research Institute are all located within driving distance of Martin County.  The cluster grows supported by highly qualified talent pool, access to major universities, industry support services, in addition to the outstanding healthcare systems in the area.


Martin County has a long tradition of ingenuity and creativity in the custom boat building, and other related marine industries. Over many decades, our residents have developed an extraordinary skill and dedication to this craft and today a large cluster of boat designers; boat builders and marine equipment manufacturers supply goods and services to boating enthusiasts around the world. The marine industry alone has a yearly impact of over five hundred million dollars and supports more then five thousand jobs in Martin County.


The professional, scientific and Technical services industry is the 4th fastest growing sector in the Martin County area. Over a million people reside within a 40 mile radius of Martin County, allowing a large number of Professional and Technical service companies to take advantage of an expanding market while enjoying the benefits of living in Martin County. Architects, marketing consultants, designers, lawyers, and some of the most innovative engineers in the state call Martin County home.

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