Martin County's residents are the most important stakeholders in our economic development endeavors, and the Business Development Board uses its resources to foster jobs and investments for the benefit of all residents.  The BDBMC is charged with attracting new businesses, and to work with existing companies looking to expand in Martin County.

A strong economy requires a strong community.

Civic infrastructure is as important as roads, water, electricity and telecommunications. Economic success needs engaged citizens, inclusive and connected leadership, vital community institutions, and a community mindset of pride and optimism. The Business Development Board strives to ensure that Martin County residents are engaged in the economic development process. We encourage citizens to explore our website, reach out to our staff, or invite us to speak to your civic and community groups to answer your questions in person. The pages that follow include information about our history, board and leadership, staff, newsletter and annual report archives, meeting minutes, agendas, financials and more.

For more information, please contact the Business Development Board at (772) 221-1380 or

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